PrideMart Vendor Listing

PrideMart at the Forks

PrideMART Vendor Listing

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*subject to change

Space #Organization
1Sparkle Girls
2Jangle Sisters
3Willow Place
4African Pot
5Canadian Mental Health Association
6Potty Mouth Pottery
7Motio Massage
9Noble & Whimsical
10Abandoned Warehouse
11 Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity
12Nine Circles
13African Imports
14Leggings Den
15Pure Romance
16Character Co
17Icando Soaps & More
18Henna Tattoos
19Winnipeg Centre Liberals
20Speakfree Media
21Velocity Jewellery
22Arnold Brothers (Sunday)
24Blue Danube
25Aeonian Revolution
26University of Winnipeg
27Little Brown Jug
28Clowns, Magicians & More


  • Please consider the environment. Avoid handing out mass brochures that will simply end up on the ground, instead offer a branded promotional item with minimal packaging.
  • Avoid handing out condoms on their own, since many end up on the ground. Consider putting together a kit that includes a number of useful items.
  • Your booth is 10’ x 10’ and includes two 30” x 96″ tables and two chairs. Electrical or water hook-ups are not available.
  • Keep in mind that Pride is a family event.  So please avoid any offensive or inappropriate display items or material.
  • PrideMART is open from 12:30 PM until 5:00 PM on both Saturday and Sunday. We ask that all exhibitors be set up by 12:00 PM. Any vacant spots may be given away at that time. Any materials or displays left at 9:00 PM on Sunday will be generously donated to a local dumpster. (Our cost for cleaning up after you is $50/hour.)
  • If you require vehicle access to your booth, please email us at to schedule a time for your setup and take down. Vehicles are not permitted on the festival grounds otherwise.
  • We want to keep PrideMART enjoyable for all our visitors and exhibitors.  Therefore, we reserve the right to request any exhibitor to remove anything we deem inappropriate.  We also reserve the right to expel any exhibitors who choose to ignore any of our suggestions above.
  • We hope that all of our exhibitors are able to attend. But if something comes up, we can cancel your spot for a partial refund prior to May 31. After that, we will not be able to process refunds.

For any questions about PrideMART contact