Message from the President

This is an exciting time for LGBT* owned and LGBT* friendly businesses in Manitoba. We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of LAMBDA by launching the new and improved Manitoba LGBT* Chamber of Commerce. We are also recognizing our community and business leaders who have made remarkable contributions to the LGBT* and business communities of Manitoba. Each year, you can now look forward to a new awards reception each fall.

Our executive has been busy with the recreation of LAMBDA as the Manitoba LGBT* Chamber of Commerce. We believe this more accurately describes who we are and what our mission is. Our mission is to cultivate, contribute to and promote a thriving community of LGBT* owned and allied businesses, professionals and business students in Manitoba. We have launched a new website to match our new name and we have updated our look. We are also looking forward to working collaboratively with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.

We look forward to being of real value to our members and by offering them a new and enhanced experience. Please get involved by becoming a member and by attending our events.

Why the Asterisk * in our name?

The Manitoba LGBT* Chamber of Commerce works with and serves businesses that are owned by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirited people and other sexual minorities. We also welcome businesses owned by the sexual majority, when those businesses want to grow their business through inclusion, and reach LGBT markets. Thus, the asterisk is our effort to be inclusive of all. When we say the name of the Chamber we say “Manitoba LGBT-ALL Chamber of Commerce?