The 10th Annual Chamber Awards Are Here!

The Manitoba LGBT* Chamber of Commerce recognizes individuals and organizations that are having a positive impact on Manitoba’s LGBT* and business communities.

The Chamber’s name is the Manitoba LGBT* Chamber of Commerce which is pronounced “LGBT ALL Chamber of Commerce” because we include in our Chamber community not only the diversity of gender and sexual communities in Manitoba but also our allies and friends. The Chamber is welcoming and inclusive of all businesses, business owners and employees who seek to help build a strong Manitoba economy supported by, and supportive of, diverse communities. Thus in our descriptions of the awards below, LGBT* is intended to be inclusive and the awards are open to all.

In 2022 the five award categories are:

COMMUNITY BUILDER AWARD: to recognize an individual who is making a significant contribution to Manitoba’s LGBT* communities.

ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR AWARD: Awarded to an LGBT* or Ally entrepreneur who started a business and is having a positive impact on Manitoba’s economy. 

CORPORATE ALLY AWARD: to recognize a large corporation or large business entity with at least $10,000,000 in annual revenues and which makes a significant positive impact through contributions to Manitoba’s LGBT* communities.

EMPLOYER OF THE YEAR AWARD: will be presented to a business owner or staff that has made a commitment to foster employee engagement, promotes work-life balance, embraces diversity, having done notable work to advance LGBT workplace equality, and offers an exceptional workplace for their employees.

CHAMBER MEMBER OF THE YEAR AWARD: award is given to an active member of the Manitoba LGBT* Chamber of Commerce to recognize their contributions to the community and economy at large. Selection is made by the board, nominations will not be accepted for this award.