2019 Awards Winners

2019 Community Builder Award

This award recognizes an individual who is making a significant contribution to Manitoba’s LGBT communities and the business community at large.

Congratulations to Allan Gray our 2019 recipient of the Community Builder Award!

 Allan is a terrific example of someone who has and continues to work hard as a volunteer for the LGBTQ+ community. He does it, I believe, because he is basically a guy with a good heart. But I also believe Allan is someone for whom volunteering is not just about giving back but also about paying it forward. He does it, in large part, as an expression of gratitude for the fact there was a community for him to find when he came out and to help ensure there will be a community – a healthy, vibrant, active and welcoming one – for others to find when it is their time to come out.

His generosity of time and spirit makes him a worthy recipient of the Community Builder Award.  Award sponsored by APTN.