2019 Awards Winners

2019 Corporate Ally Award

This award recognizes a business with at least $10 million in annual revenues and which makes a significant positive impact for Manitoba’s LGBT communities. This award is so important because it is these massive corporations who have broad reach and visibility.

We are thrilled to recognize RBC as our 2019 Corporate Ally Award winner.

What makes RBC a unique corporate ally is that they don’t only contribute dollars to the community through RBC Foundation and Sponsorship, they show up in meaningful ways donating their time, skills, resources, networks, and thought leadership.

From RBC’s employees serving on boards and organizing committees throughout the LGBTQ+ community to volunteering countless hours to projects within the community including helping Rainbow Resource Centre expand into new space or cleaning up the area around an LGBTQ+ partner or co-presenting to a business council in partnership with Rainbow Resource Centre to meeting with other corporations on behalf of LGBTQ+ community partners to help raise interest in support community events, RBC does what it does best – they show up and asks what they can do to support.