2020 Employer of the Year Award

This award is presented to a business that has made a commitment to foster employee engagement, promotes work-life balance, embraces diversity, having done notable work to advance two-spirited and LGBTQ workplace equality, and offers an exceptional workplace for their employees.

We are pleased to recognize our 2020 Employer of the Year, Little Brown Jug (Kevin Selch)

Little Brown Jug has consistently demonstrated efforts to create an optimal work/life balance for staff, recruiting diversity, cultivate an engaging workplace culture and to assure two-spirited and LGBTQ workplace equality. LBJ owner, Kevin Selch is committed to a continued effort to recruit diverse candidates and works to engage staff in considering how issues like privilege and racism affect us all. LBJ’s employment policy speaks to supporting staff in their personal and professional endeavors. These written words are followed through in action as Kevin has created flexible work hours, funded professional development opportunities and implemented employee feedback on countless occasions.

The company and Kevin illustrate their commitment to employer excellence through work to cultivate team cohesiveness and inclusivity. Team cohesiveness is seen through social gatherings, team building exercises and personality profile assessments that underscore individual and collective strengths. Inclusivity and a commitment to a positive, anti-discriminatory work environment is a standard both employee and employer are held to, where the employer is expected to lead by example. Kevin has facilitated the development of a workplace culture that does not tolerate harmful remarks or jokes and has established protocols to address stereotyping and unsafe comments.

He regularly shows appreciation and gratitude and continually considers new ways to enhance employee growth and retention. As an employee shared in the nomination — “I can personally comment on how safe and supported I feel at Little Brown Jug. For the first time in my career, I am not worried about coming out at work.”

Congratulations Little Brown Jug!