2020 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

This award recognizes an LGBT or ally entrepreneur who has launched or is leading a successful business and having a positive impact on Manitoba’s economy. This award acknowledges innovation, initiative, and a “can-do, Made in Manitoba” attitude. 

We had an enormous number of nominations and we’re thrilled to announce the recipient for the 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Gloria Sawatzky of Beyond Flowers.

Gloria has been an active contributor to our queer communities for years and an active member of the Chamber as well. Beyond Flowers is a Winnipeg institution and Gloria never hesitates to support other two-spirited and LGBTQ events. But, what truly makes Gloria the entrepreneur of the year this year is her resilience and fortitude. Gloria recently moved her business to a new location on Corydon Avenue after many challenges for permits, approvals, building planning, etc. Not long after finally moving to the new location, the city launched massive construction on Corydon Avenue in front of her property, dramatically reducing traffic.

Not long after construction was completed, the pandemic struck and again Gloria was faced with damage to her business. Throughout it all Gloria has not only remained open and serving her loyal clientele but has maintained her visible presence in the community and serves as inspiration for all entrepreneurs.

Congratulations again Beyond Flowers and Gloria!