2019 Awards Winners

2019 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

This award recognizes an LGBT or ally entrepreneur who has launched or is leading a successful business and having a positive impact on Manitoba’s economy. This award acknowledges innovation, initiative, and a “can-do, Made in Manitoba” attitude. 
Award was sponsored by Duboff Edward Haight & Schachter Law Corporation.

We had an enormous number of nominations and we’re thrilled to announce the recipient for 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Alex Varricchio of UpHouse!

While servicing over a million dollars from regional and national clients including Merck, Richardson International, ROBINSON, Johnston Group, and Chambers Plan, UpHouse has donated over $250,000 worth of services to deserving Canadian community organizations, including many GLBTTQ2S*-oriented organizations with worthwhile mandates. 

Working with a staff of proud fellow queers and allies, UpHouse champions its GLBTTQ2S*-owned status through active membership in Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce as well as the local chamber. Outside of work, Alex has volunteered his time on the Rainbow Resource Centre Peer Support Phone Line; Winnipeg’s Totally Outright program, a Canadian leadership workshop program for young GBTTQ folks; and Camp Aurora, a four-day subsidized summer camp for LGBTTQ* youth and allies.