PrideMart at the Forks


PrideMART is the business fair held during the annual Pride Winnipeg Festival at the Forks.

Applications for PrideMART 2018 are open.  To apply click here.

What’s new in 2018

  • Bigger and better layout for PrideMART!  For 2018, PrideMART will be moving to a new location on the festival grounds.  This will give us better traffic flow, more space for vendors, and easier loading access.  The new location will be along the path that runs from MTYP and the Parkade towards the stage (previously this space was reserved for food vendors).
  • More programming on Saturday to drive even more festival traffic.  Saturday will continue to feature local artists on the main stage and will now include a two-spirit pow-wow at The Forks.  Saturday programming also includes the Trans March and Pride Run. 
  • Both days will see an expanded entertainment and beverage area in front of the main stage.  This will help encourage attendees to visit all areas of the festival (including PrideMART) but reducing the lineups at the beer tent. 
  • This year we are adhering to the updated environmental standards of The Forks.  This means no single use containers (such as disposable water bottles).  Only compostable packaging is permitted.  No plastic bags or non-reusable containers.  Staff and security from The Forks will be enforcing this and may remove non-compliant items or vendors. 
  • You will need to apply to participate in PrideMART this year.  We have so many great organizations wanting to take part each year but only have space for about fifty.  To ensure that we have a good mix of businesses that reflect the diversity of the LGBT* communities, we will be selecting which organizations can participate.  Special consideration will be given to LGBT*-owned businesses and members of the Manitoba LGBT* Chamber of Commerce. 
  • For the third year in a row, there will be no increase in prices for PrideMART.  We continue to strive to make the event as inclusive as possible.  
  • Again, this year we are offering two booth sizes.  In addition to the traditional 10’ x 10’ booth, we are adding an option to simply have an 8’ table at a reduced cost.  Given the amount of interest in PrideMART, we will be limiting each vendor to a maximum of one booth space. 

 PrideMART takes place on Saturday, June 2 and Sunday, June 3 at The Forks.


  Full Booth Single Table
Business $400 $200
Not for Profit/Gov’t $300 $150
  • 50% discount for members of the Manitoba LGBT* Chamber of Commerce
  • $75 for space with local artisans
  • Prices include space for both days

Application Process

  • Applications are available exclusively online here
  • Applicants will be advised by email prior to May 1 whether they can participate.
  • Apply for the local artisan area by emailing


  • Please consider the environment. We are operting PrideMART in accordance with the environmental standards of The Forks.  This means no single use containers (such as disposable water bottles).  All packaging must be compostable.  Avoid using plastic bags. Avoid handing out mass brochures that will simply end up on the ground, instead offer a branded promotional item with no packaging. 
  • Avoid handing out condoms on their own, since many end up on the ground. Consider putting together a kit that includes several useful items.
  • Your booth is 10’ x 10’ and includes two 30” x 96″ tables and two chairs. Electrical or water hook-ups are not available.
  • Keep in mind that Pride is a family event.  So please avoid any offensive or inappropriate display items or material.
  • PrideMART is open from 12:30 PM until 5:00 PM on both Saturday and Sunday. We ask that all exhibitors be set up by 12:00 PM. Any vacant spots may be given away at that time. Any materials or displays left at 9:00 PM on Sunday will be generously donated to a local dumpster. (Our cost for cleaning up after you is $50/hour.)
  • If you require vehicle access to your booth, please email us at to schedule a time for your setup and take down. Vehicles are not permitted on the festival grounds otherwise.
  • We want to keep PrideMART enjoyable for all our visitors and exhibitors.  Therefore, we reserve the right to request any exhibitor to remove anything we deem inappropriate.  We also reserve the right to expel any exhibitors who choose to ignore any of our suggestions above.
  • We hope that all exhibitors can attend. But if something comes up, we can cancel your space for a partial refund prior to May 31. After that, we will not process refunds.

For any questions about PrideMART contact