2019 Awards Winners

2019 Employer of the Year Award

This award is presented to a business that has made a commitment to foster employee engagement, promotes work-life balance, embraces diversity, having done notable work to advance LGBT workplace equality, and offers an exceptional workplace for their employees.

We are pleased to recognize our 2019 Employer of the Year, Eadha Bread  (Cora Weins). 

 Eadha Bread is a small sourdough bakery in the West End of Winnipeg.  Eadha Bread’s website says “We aim to do business through a queer, anti-racist, decolonial lens and love to collaborate with and support other businesses and community groups also engaged in this work.” They have established an environment that not only welcomes and celebrates LGBTQ2S community members, but also actively pursues and engages in ways of contributing to the success, well-being, and human rights of this population. The business is owned, operated, and managed by Cora and other LGBTQ2S members. It is a place where all staff have a voice that is respected and heard; where their opinions can help shape the shop’s direction. It is the kind of place where inclusive politics and policies are worn on their sleeve, or more literally, on a gigantic sign at the front customer area of the bakery.